Simple money for smart people

Make your money work for you not the bank
  • Over $1,000 in hidden costs a year with conventional banking – a hefty premium price for commodity service not designed to increase your wealth
  • Unifimoney gives back the hidden costs of banking
  • By integrating and automating everyday money management we help you protect and build your wealth effortlessly
  • Unifimoney is a single account that integrates a high interest checking account, credit card and investment account
  • You get all the benefits with none of the effort


High interest checking account maximinzine interest


Cashback credit card, check book, bill pay etc


Passively invest in the lowest cost robo investment platform
Want to be one of our first launch members and help drive the change so that your money is working for you not the bank?
We are targeting on going live end of March 2020 but will restrict the number of members to allow us to gather customer feedback
We are looking for early members who can help us with feedback and ideas on how we can make Unifimoney work even better for them
You will still need to meet all qualifying criteria for the account and for those who meet additional usage and activity criteria we would like to thank them for their time and efforts with an Apple Watch Series 5 or similar product


  • A hybrid checking account that pays savings levels of interest
  • 100% of your funds earns maximum interest 100% of the time
  • All the features and functionality you can expect from a traditional checking account and more
  • Fee free when minimum monthly direct deposits met


  • Get great cashback on your online and inapp spend
  • Intelligent and dynamic spend limits
  • Instant digital issuance
  • Apple Pay
  • Contactless card
  • Good old fashioned check book just because sometimes you just need a check


  • Effortlessly create a long term investment fund
  • Lowest cost Robo investment platform on the market
  • Fee free trades
  • Automatically invest each time you use your credit card through transaction rounding up and cash back
  • Automatically invest deposit interest and monthly contribution with minimum $25


Why does Unifimoney provide a checkbook?

We are a digital mobile first company putting our members needs first. It’s an annoying reality but for many people they need to write checks every now and again. We want to enable our members to access their money when they need it, where they want it and how they want to do it securely and effortlessly. For the moment at least, a checkbook is included.

How does Unifimoney afford to maximize member returns?

Our costs are incredibly low compared to a conventional bank. These banks have enormous numbers of people, the top 10 banks employ almost 1 million people alone. A very high proportion of these people are simply keeping decades old technology infrastructure working that is poorly suited to the modern digital world and very very expensive to run. They also build most of their own services from scratch, an expensive, time consuming approach which leads to the creation of services that are often below market leading levels. At the end of the day there are always going to be more smart people outside any organization than in it. Unifimoney works hard to find those smart people and the companies and technologies they create and integrate them into our platform so we can bring the best technology to bare and the lowest cost and fastest speed.

Why does my bank not do what Unifimoney is doing?

They can’t afford or want to. If you are a senior executive at a bank, your whole career has been funded by the hidden fees charged to people like you their entire lives. They are wanting to retire with their stock and pensions continuing to grow on the back of that. It’s natural human nature and a powerful incentive not to change. Those helicopter ski trips are not cheap after all. Their shareholders expect the same. Unifimoney has no self interest in propagating the old model, we want to create a completely new one that puts the customer first not the banker.

Why is the credit card cashback in two parts?

For Unifimoney to be able to afford to maximize the return of the digital dividend to our members we have to be able to cover our costs. This is achieved when Unifimoney is the primary account for members meaning this is where they consolidate their money and spend, as well as their investments. The rewards for doing this are great – maximising cash back on spend, having 100% of your cash earning maximum interest 100% of the time and effortlessly creating an investment fund at low cost. Where accounts are not being used as the primary account it means those members who are, will be subsidizing those who are not and we care about fairness and believe in a fair exchange of value. To do this we ensure the maximum benefits go to those who use us and contribute the most. By having a minimum month spend threshold that is (based on our data) easily met by those using us as their primary account we can ensure that the maximum value is enjoyed by these members who contribute the most.

Why is the credit card cash back only for online and in-app spend?

As a digital mobile-first bank we are most suited to those who are highly technically engaged and use technology confidently as an integral part of their everyday lives. These people naturally spend a lot more online and in-app than average. We want to build a service that meets the specific needs of our members and reflects their lifestyle but is also simple and transparent to use and benefit from. Rewarding online and in-app spend is we feel the best way to do this. As we gather customer feedback we will of course constantly revisit how to maximize member benefits.

Why does Unifimoney charge monthly fees if minimum monthly direct deposits are not made?

We recognize moving banks is a big commitment and hassle. We have tried to make it as smooth and easy as possible such as auto-migration of salary direct deposits. It also takes time so we provide a 3 month account opening window to complete all the necessary work. Once opened our members can relax in the knowledge they are effortlessly modeling best practices in personal financial management, saving money and building an investment fund for the future. Creating and supporting an account takes resources and costs us money. As part of our commitment to transparency and a fair exchange of value we can only support accounts without monthly fees that meet our minimum account activity levels of $6k per month in direct deposits after the 3 month set up period. Under that amount after 3 months we charge a $50 fee per month until the account is at zero and we then close the account. That way we can afford to give as much back to active members without the unnecessary cost of inactive accounts. Any account that meets the minimum direct deposit commitment per month remains fee free.

Why doesn’t Unifimoney advertise like conventional banks?

Advertising is very expensive and wasteful, for every dollar we spend on advertising is a dollar less we can give back to our customers. We would rather build the best new products and services, maximize customer value and let our members be our best marketing channel. It’s the same reason we don’t pay for referrals, we would rather have genuine and personal referrals because we offer the best service than bribe people to make referrals that they would not otherwise do.

Why are customers referred to as “members”?

The word customer comes with a lot of baggage, we would rather avoid. It puts a barrier between the company and the people they sell to. Unifimoney is on the same side as our customers, we created the company because we felt the need for a better way to bank for ourselves. We want to create a pact with our customers in seeking to bring transparency and authenticity to financial services – a sector that has made an art out of hiding the true cost and poor value of how it typically acts. It’s about being upfront and honest about how we make money and how we ensure we can maximize the digital dividend back to members. We felt members better reflected how we feel about what we are doing and our partnership mentality.

Why do you require a minimum deposit to open an account?

Unifimoney is designed to be the primary financial management service for our members. We recognize we are a new company and whilst we are partnered with some of the largest financial companies in the market like MasterCard and our members money is insured under government insurance such as FDIC and SPIC it takes time to build that trust. Opening and maintaining a new account is surprisingly expensive. Our approach minimizes costs allows us to give more back to active members so we want to ensure every account is opened with true intent and used actively. Having a minimum deposit helps us and our members in a number of ways: It puts off fraudsters, they don’t like risking their own money; It also creates a hurdle for those who might be intrigued but don’t have serious intent (we would prefer these people wait until they have reached a point of serious intent and then try us out for real).

How are members assets insured?

Deposits are FDIC insured up to $250K via our Bank Partner. Investments are protected under our investment platform partner’s SIPC membership up to $500,000.

Is Unifimoney a Bank?

Unifimoney offers banking services but does not itself hold a banking licence. Our strategy is to focus on where we can bring the most value and differentiation, there are over 11,000 banks in the US but only Unifimoney is brining automation and integration to everyday money management. We focus on bringing the best partners and technology available to create something new and better serve our members interests.

How does Unifimoney make money?

We give as much back to members as we can from interchange fees (from credit cards) and interest on deposits and charging as little as possible for robo-advisory services whilst covering our costs. We believe our members appreciate a fair exchange of value – when the time comes for them to buy other financial services we ask they first consider our partners that we carefully select offering services such as international remittances, mortgages, insurance, car loans etc. For each member we successfully introduce to these partners we get an introducers fee which helps cover our costs and better enable us to pass on more to our members.

When will Unifimoney be available?

We are working towards a Q1 2020 go live date – March ideally. We will only launch when we are ready though and will keep our waitlisted customers informed of our progress.

How do I qualify for the Apple Watch?

We want to ensure we create the best possible user experience for our members. We strive for perfection but recognize that it will take a while to get there and the most important feedback will be from our members using the product. We want to recognize and thank our most active early members, the ones who help us build better, who trust us and want to be part of the journey. We have not settled on the precise qualification criteria yet but it will include minimum deposits including salary direct deposits, minimum spend on the card etc. We expect to provide at least 500 Apple Watches, possibly more for initial launch customers and will provide more information nearer the time. To start with please register your interest and sign up and we will be communicating more asap.

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